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Thank you for allowing  Shots By Sonja  to capture your memories.

Read the following  to perpare for your photo shoot.

If you have any questions you can email me at .

Find the catagory you are interested in shooting and go by those requirements.  


*Pageant Glitz and Natural...

Toppers are recommended  . Bright colors for tops, Different Necklines , Jewerly , Hair accessories, etc.



*Clothing for Acting Headshots... read page titled Actors Information



*Clothing for Modeling/Fashion Shoots

-The items in the Headshots category above apply, with the following exceptions:


-Full body outfits are important, which includes pants, dresses, skirts, and shoes.


-Most modeling portfolios require looks, which fall under the following categories:


-Casual/Lifestyle (Think American Eagle, Gap, PacSun, Abercrombie) -Dressy (Think Zara, Banana Republic, Bebe, Armani)


-Fitness/Swimsuit/Body (Think Nike, Speedo, Victoria’s Secret)


-Corporate/Business Casual (Think Kenneth Cole, Anne Taylor)


-Personality (Whatever style or clothing makes you unique)



*Clothing for Glamour Style /Fun Shoots

-Go by the list in Fashion with these exceptions: You can use bright fun colors and graphics, but please avoid large prints, small checks and stripes. The large prints can make one appear larger than you really are. Small checks, polka dots and stripes cause the camera to have a focus issues.


-Choose anything that suits your personality and style.


-Bring props if you like. (such as signs, confetti, flowers, banners, antique chairs, etc.)


-Bring lots of Accessories and hats (if you are a hat person) flowers are also pretty in the hair at times.


-Shirts with dramatic collars, sleeves etc. can make for a fun photo


-You can sometimes find cute ideas and themes on Pinterest or Google Images. We can change it up andshoot something similar to what you find that you like.




*Family and Couple Shoots

-Coordinating colors is best and nothing too busy. -All the above for fun shoots apply.


-If you have a baby make sure they are fed and rested. I cannot guarantee I can get the perfect shot as babies sometimes become too fussy, but I will try to the best of my ability.


-If you have pets note they can sometimes also be a little difficult to look exactly where they are needed to look. But I am sure we can capture something cute.


-Make sure everyone is on time.


                                                                                   Read for more detailed information


Glamour headshot or Regular Sessions

Now if you want to appear flawless and you are doing these photos just for fun  to have or share with your friends then go all out but do not submit those to a agent or casting director,  it is a waste of everyone’s time.  If you want photoshopped photos then I suggest booking a regular one hour session. And have fun!  

What to bring for regular shoots…… anything goes although I suggest you still stay away from large prints as they tend to make you look larger than you truly are , and very small stripes and checks or polka dots.  In my opinion do not photograph well.  Plaids and large polka dots and stripes are fine as long as they do not over power you and make you look larger.  Bring lots of hats, hair accessories, layers, jewelry, etc.  In glamour style photoshoots  I like to shoot a little more artsy. Be creative.   The same goes for senior pictures and family photos.  Being lots of choices for the photographer to choose from and PLEASE make it easy on us no wrinkles or stains. Wrinkled clothing is very difficult to photoshop and make it look natural in my opinion. Make every shot worthy and iron your clothes.  Showing up for a hour session with one or two outfits is very limiting to you and the photographer.  Most people feel they bring to much by bringing four outfits that is not the case.  I like having at least eight outfits to choose from for a individual to shoot in a hour session.  That way once we have the shot we change and by doing that I usually get 3-4 looks in that hour.  Now family and group session take more time because we are usually shooting groups and individuals in that hour, so I suggest you wear the outfit you want to shoot in and bring one more incase time allows a change.


Senior Sessions

Anything goes be creative. Bring props and anything that relates to your hobbies or school.  If you play basket ball bring you uniform and basketball, if you’re a cheerleader bring all your uniforms, jackets, and if possible borrow extra poms as I often use them to form letters or lay around.  If you play guitar or instruments bring them and you could bring the case and maybe sheet music.  These are just ideas to help get your creative juices flowing.  I suggest searching for photoshoot ideas on the web for your hobby or sport, this sometimes help you think of props and clothing ideas.  Come in ready to have fun and let your personality show in your photographs. What to bring? Look at what to bring for a glamour / regular session above. Bring all this plus props! And please don’t go overboard on makeup. Too much blush, lipstick, eyeliner and eye shadow takes away from you and most of the times appears much brighter after the photo is color enhanced. You want to appear flawless and beautiful not have people say,” wow all that makeup makes her look like a clown”.  If you use a hair and makeup artist make sure they know how to do hair and makeup for photography. Everything is toned down and lighter and they will know that as someone who does pageants or prom will put more on to make you stand out from a distance.  I can suggest hair and makeup artist if you need one. 



*Hair/ Makeup and Grooming

Why are hair and makeup important?


Whether you are a male or female, professional makeup and hair styling is extremely important for photography. Makeup for photography is much different than everyday makeup due to many factors, such as lighting. It also makes for a flawless photo with smooth hair with less fly aways it also helps with common errors such as too much blush, eyeliner and bright lipstick etc.

Professionals are trained to know what shades to use so they do not appear over done in the cameras eye. Also, make sure your eyebrows are trim and shaped. This is often over looked and can effect the photo.


I do have several hair and makeup artist I have work with in Tennessee.  Below is a list of artist that I use.. You can view their work on their facebook pages or instagram.  Each one has a different price range. You can book that artist directly or through me. 


My Hair and Makeup Artist....

Morristown/ Knoxville. Tennessee.......  Hair and Makeup ....Beth Ann Goode.....Facebook

                                                                     Hair and Makeup....Mahaila Coffey ...... Facebook....Hair & Makeup by Mahaila

                                                                     Hair and Makeup....Michaela Atkins.....Facebook

                                                                     Hair and Makeup ....Isabella Simmons ....Facebook

                                                                     Hair and Makeup....SarahAnn Croley .....Facebook

                                                                     Hair and Makeup.....Cailee Elaine.....Facebook





*When you Arrive and What to Bring other than Clothing

-We ask that you arrive on time and not before your scheduled appointment. (Please give the client before you the chance to finish their shoot and vacate before coming in, unless you are told to come earlier.  





-If you are late it does cut into your booked time. I cannot make up time that you missed, as we are usually on a tight schedule.


How ever, If I am late due to running over on the session before your session, I will not start your time until I actually start photographing you. 


-Bring at least a 8 gig Flash Drive so that your photos can be loaded on to it. If you forget this one can be purchased from me for 10.00.( The flash drive with photos on it will be mailed within the week or you may make arrangements to it up.)







How it works.

Your entire balance is due at the time of your photography session.  I do not  take credit cards, installment plans, or take IOUs. As much as we like you, cash or check is the only thing we can accept now.




*A few more tips to ensure you a great shoot.

-Get plenty of sleep the night before. -Have a full Stomach and bring a drink.


-Be awake at least an hour before your session so the water retention is gone.


-Avoid getting a fresh spray tan as they can make the skin appear orange. -Make sure nails are clean as they could be seen in the photos.


-Glasses sometimes show reflection with light so if possible avoid glasses unless you can remove the lens.


-I can not stress enough clean, wrinkle free clothing , as well as clean shoes if doing full body photos.


- Please refrain from using your cell phones while getting your hair and makeup done and shooting as it disrupts and cuts in to the time.


-Last but definitely not least..... Bring a great attitude and Big Smile because we are going to have some fun and capture some memories to last a lifetime! 

Shoot Information